Docker Environment

Using Docker to build your development and production environments can help you reduce the burden of environment setup, regardless of which driver you use. You need to pre-install or enable some special extensions. At the same time, the environment built with Docker can help you use the Workerman and OpenSwoole drivers under the Windows environment.

You can pull the Docker configuration we recommend from the CodeIgniter4-Burner-Docker repository.

Environment notes

All recommended configurations are based on the webdevops/Dockerfile image, which includes common PHP extensions. You can adjust more details through this document to make your environment more suitable for your project.

At the same time, the Dockerfile environment installation instructions of OpenSwoole refer to the official Dockerfile of OpenSwoole. The Dockerfile of Workerman additionally installed php-event extension, which will make Workerman get better performance.


You can install anything you need in the Dockerfile according to your project requirements. You just need to remember that they are all based on the alpine Linux image.

Getting Started

  • Place your CodeIgniter4 project in the app folder
  • Use docker-compose build to build your local environment
  • Use docker-compose up -d to run the container in the background
  • Use docker-compose exec app bash to enter the container
  • By default, you will be located in the project root directory, you can start installing Burner and choose the driver you need
  • Don't forget that docker-compose down or docker-compose stop can stop your container
  • The default port mapping of docker-compose.yml is 8080:8080, you can adjust this setting according to your own needs.


If your CodeIgniter4 does not contain the vendor folder, remember to use composer install to pull the libraries required by the project.

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