Workerman Commands

start server

When you don't pass any parameters, the server will start in debug mode by default.

php spark burner:start

By default, Burner will read the default driver in app/Burner.php. Of course, you can also force Burner to execute the command with the Workerman driver, like this:

php spark burner:start --driver Workerman


The --driver Workerman parameter is also suitable for all the commands mentioned below.

daemon mode

Run Workerman in the background.

php spark burner:start --daemon

At this time, Burner will redirect the output to /dev/null, and you must define logFile in app/Config/Workerman.php :

public $logFile = 'YourloggingPath/workerman.log';

stop server

php spark burner:stop

restart server

The server will be closed and restarted.

php spark burner:restart

reload server

The server will replace all workers and load new workers.

php spark burner:reload


This method may not handle all cases, such as project file changes generated by composer require/update.

server status

php spark burner:workerman status

more command

Pass the command directly to the Workerman entry php file.

php spark burner:workerman [workerman_comands]

You can refer to the official Workerman documentation to build your command.

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