OpenSwoole Commands

Start Server

php spark burner:start

By default, Burner will read the default driver from app/Burner.php. Of course, you can force the OpenSwoole driver to start the server in the command, like this:

php spark burner:start --driver OpenSwoole


The --driver OpenSwoole parameter also applies to all the commands below.

Daemon Mode

Run the server in the background.

php spark burner:start --daemon


When your server is running in daemon mode, Burner will ignore the automatic reload you have enabled.

Stop Server

Burner will use the SIGTERM signal to close the program, waiting for the current task to complete before stopping the server, and will not kill the program directly.

php spark burner:stop

Reload Worker

As the official document says, this mode will only reload the running Worker. Please note that this mode may not handle all cases. For example: When you make changes to the core PHP files of your project through composer require/update.

php spark burner:reload --mode worker
php spark burner:reload --mode task_worker

Restart Worker

Burner will stop the server for you and then restart the server.

Whether your server is running in daemon mode or development mode, you can use this command to restart.

php spark burner:restart

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