Burner currently only supports installation via Composer, this is because Burner provides a consistent interface and automatic loading for different drivers, which makes it difficult for developers to deploy Burner on their own.

Install Burner

First, install Burner into your CodeIgniter4 project using Composer.

Because the current version is a Beta version, you need to add the following settings in composer.json:

    "minimum-stability": "beta",
    "prefer-stable": true

Choose a suitable driver to install, and Burner currently provides you with three options:

  1. composer require monkenwu/codeigniter4-burner-openswoole:^1.0@beta
  2. composer require monkenwu/codeigniter4-burner-workerman:^1.0@beta
  3. composer require monkenwu/codeigniter4-burner-roadrunner:^1.0@beta

Before installation, you must first make sure that the current system environment meets the requirements of these drivers. You can refer to the content mentioned in System Requirements to build your system environment, and we also recommend you to build your development environment through Docker.


If you need, you can also install multiple drivers for your project, and choose the driver you want when you start. You can refer to the "Commands" entry of each driver to learn how to select the driver you want when you execute the server startup command.


Depending on the driver you choose, the burner:init command also needs to pass different parameters.

php spark burner:init [OpenSwoole, Workerman, RoadRunner]

After execution, you will find that two files, Burner.php and a file named by the driver name, for example: OpenSwoole.php, are added to the app/Config directory.

Burner is a library that is ready to use out of the box. All configuration settings are preconfigured. You can start the server directly until you need to adjust the content of the configuration settings.

Start the server

Now, you can start your server directly through the following command.

php spark burner:start

By default, Burner sets the port that the server listens to to 8080. Now open your browser and browse localhost:8080, you will see the Home page of the current project.


Burner is simple and lightweight.

We hope it can become the best fuel for your CodeIgnter4 project.

Before development, we recommend that you continue to read Development Suggestions

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