Workerman is a high-performance application container developed by native PHP. Unlike OpenSwoole, which relies on special external PHP extensions, or needs an external Go Server like RoadRunner, it is a completely PHP-implemented event-driven high-performance framework.

How it works

After receiving an HTTP connection, Burner will convert the Workerman Request object to a PSR-7 request object, then through Burner-Core to convert it to a CodeIgniter4 request object, and then start executing the CodeIgniter4 application.

After CodeIgniter4 has processed the request, Burner-Core will convert the CodeIgniter4 Request object to a PSR-7 response object, and then pass it to the Workerman driver for processing, and finally respond with the Workerman Response object.

Getting started

Before using Workerman, please make sure that your environment already has PHP8^, php-pcntl, php-posix, and non-essential but recommended php-event extensions, or you can use our recommended Docker environment.

Because the current version is a Beta version, you need to add the following settings in composer.json:

    "minimum-stability": "beta",
    "prefer-stable": true

After completing these prerequisites, you can execute the following command in the project root directory to obtain the Workerman driver:

composer require monken/codeigniter4-burner-workerman:^1.0@beta


If you do not have CodeIgniter4-Burner installed when you run the above command, Composer will automatically pull the relevant dependencies.

Next, you need to use the following command to initialize Burner and the Workerman driver:

php spark burner:init Workerman

When the command is executed successfully, you should be able to see two files added to the project_root/app/Config folder, namely: Burner.php and Workerman.php, you can adjust these two files to finely control your server settings.


If you run the burner:init command repeatedly, the existing configuration file will be renamed instead of being overwritten directly.

Bruner has already pre-configured all the settings for you, you can modify your configuration files when needed.

When everything is ready, you can run the following command to start your server:

php spark burner:start

By default, your server should run on the 8080 port, you can immediately browse your project page through localhost:8080.

If everything goes well, your CodeIgniter4 should be running on Workerman successfully.

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